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tv   KTVU News at 4PM  FOX  July 12, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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oscar grant. anger over bart's handling of officer-involved shootings led to yesterday's underground rush hour compute protest you watched unfold live right here on ktvu. bart leaders took questions and gave answers today. >> officers are taught to shoot at the upper body or the lower body. >> they're not taught to kill people, they're taught to shoot to stop the threat. >> reporter: at times the questioning turned pointed. >> what training have you had since the oscar grant sooting? >> it's not going to be a combative session. >> some of us are a little bit upset. >> some of us are upset as well. none of us want to see a dead body. >> reporter: some called on the dissolution of the bart police department. after the police committee meeting, 9 of the 11 members of bart's new citizen's review committee met for the first
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time. their aim, to address citizens' concerns. oscar grant's uncle says he wants to see the new citizen's review committee take action. >> it's our prayer and our hope that things change based on your involvement in this process. >> reporter: not a lot of people showed up for today's citizens review board meeting. the next one is scheduled for july 25th at 9 in the morning. live in oakland, christian callan, ktvu news. jay see dugard's it on the
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shelves. >> reporter: the bookstore sold its last copy an hour ago and only competition for this story is the back story coming out of the federal document: jaycee dugard's story is one of innocence lost. the report out of the -- federal parole agents noted dba reeto planned to take a family vacation to tahoe, the area where he abducted dugard. >> if somebody's whose job it is to supervise and control a registered sex offender doesn't have enough curiosity to follow up on his own concerns, then that's incompetence. >> reporter: missing child advocate calls the lapse disheartening. the report is filled with such
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oversights. despite multiple home visits, agents never noticed the 11-year-old in the backyard and nine days after jaycee dugard was kidnapped, his parole officer noted things were going well. take a look at this video just released by the el dorado county d.a.'s office. it shows garrito with a tour of the house. it was designed to distract the agent who should have been inspecting the house and yard on his own. i spoke with the state corrections department today and they said changes to the way parolees are supervised will change come october and many of the changes were catalyzed by the mistakes in the jaycee dugard's case. if you catch a bus at the certain bus stop, marin county sheriff's deputies are warning you to be on alert.
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there have been five robberies on the area around the bus stop on donohue street. there are security guards patrolling the area. however, police are encouraging bus riders to walk in well-lilt areas, voi -- well-lit areas, voi strangers and -- avoid strangers and walk in groups. >> down there it's somewhat isolated and you don't get a whole lot of people going in and out of there, so that could be a problem, especially at night. >> marin county says the work will be done after labor day to improve safety. the new shelters will have better lighting and lower walls to increase visibility. arenda police are spreading the news about an increase in home burglaries. this is surveillance video of a man using a bank card stolen from an arenda home. burglars are targeting unoccupied homes f someone answers they pretend they're
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making a delivery to an unknown neighbor. they call it blaming the victim. people whose lives were defer stated by the san bruno pipeline explosion say the latest court filing by pgand e is outrageous. rob, you talked to some of the upset homeowners today. >> gasia, we're standing in the heart of where the explosion occurred. you can see there's a lot of rebuilding going on as piece by piece the neighborhood is coming back. but many victims of the explosion say they're upset and confused by what pgand e wrote about them in a court document. the explosion last september damaged bill bishop's home. the emotional recovery he says takes time. >> to you and everybody else it's been ten months. to us, it's -- this is trauma time. this just happened a minute ago, and they don't understand that, i guess. >> reporter: the they bishop refers to is is pg&e in court
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papers filed last kweek, pg&e outlines some legal defenses it's considering against an avalanche of lawsuits over an explosion that killed 38 people and destroyed many homes. one of the possible defenses places at least some of the blame on the victims. this comes after pg&e issued public apologies for the explosion. >> almost seems like they're turning their back on us and i don't understand why they're doing that. >> it's absolutely outrageous pg&e are blaming the victims for the explosion now? that is over top. >> reporter: mark tony is head of the utility reform network. >> i cannot imagine how the homeowners could be blamed for faulty walls. >> reporter: we'll be asking pg&e, when you say the victims were responsible for their own damage, what facts and evidence do you have to supports that.
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>> reporter: just minutes ago, we received a statement from pg&e that reads in part we wanted to be crystal clear that no one at pg&e would suggest that the plaintiffs or residents of san bruno impacted by this accidents are somehow in fault. but it's unclear why the original filing raised the question of residents contributing to the disaster. reporting live in san bruno, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. a crowd gathered at san francisco city hall today in support of a young man who was removed from a plane for wearing sagging pants. [ crowd chanting ]. >> a boisterous by peaceal crowd demanded justice for 20-year-old deshonn marmon. he was arrested for resisting arrest after he refused to pull up his pants on a flight from albuquerque to san francisco. the district attorney is still considering formal charges.
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one protester said it's an issue of civil rights. >> everything those white people did has been banished. this man is a college student and was on his way back to school. >> supervisor malia cohen introduced a resolution asking for the case to be dismissed and a formal apology from u.s. air. sage pants have become a crime in one midwestern town. the price you pay for wearing your pants low coming up at 5:30. 45 minutes ago, california's tuition board approved a 12% increase. cal state officials say it's intended to offset a deeper than expected cut in state funding. today's vote means an increase of almost $600 a year bringing the annual tuition for in-state undergraduates to almost $5500 and that does not include room, board or campus fees. at a time when budget cuts are prompting higher tu
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television, governor -- higher tuition, govern jerry brown is considering a proposal to increase the salary of the president for the president of that university. that is $100,000 more than his predecessor was making. in a letter to the board, governor brown asked the board to reevaluate how it sets the salaries of administrators. the university of california system is also considering a tuition hike. uc's president is recommending a 9.6% tuition increase at the university's board of regents meeting late this week. if approved, students would see tuition go up by more than a thousand dollars a year. the increase would also be the 11th in the past ten years. the showdown over the national debt heated up today with the house, with the white house warning of a government default. >> no, we can't guarantee if there were a default any specific bill will be paid. >> white house spokesman jay
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carney said if walk does not raise the debt ceiling, some tough choices will have to be made. republican lawmakers offered their own backup plan. it would allow the president to authorize automatic increases in the debt ceiling. >> i would advocate we pass legislation giving the president the authority, the authority, to request of us an increase in the debt ceiling that would take us past the end of his term. >> senator mcconnell's plan requires the president to approve new spending cuts while congressional members are approving cuts, nancy pelosi warned them to keep their hands off social security and medicare. >> women live longer, have lower incomes and have more chronic conditions, making medicare even more vital to their well-being. women overwhelmingly depend on social security. without it, half of the women
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over 65 would fall into poverty. >> congress faces an august 2nd deadline to raise the debt limit or risk a government default. at this hour in southern california a memorial service has wrapped up honoring former first lady betty ford.  amazing grace, how sweet the sound   >> ford died last week at the age of 93 leaving behind so many admirers that even this private memorial in palm beach drew a thousand people. among them, former president george w. bush, first lady michelle obama and three former first ladies, nancy reagan, hillary clinton and her close friend rosalind carter. she described ford this one. >> someone who was willing to do things differently than was done before. someone who had the courage and grace to fight fear, stigma and prejudice wherever she
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encountered it. >> mrs. ford will be buried in grand rapids, michigan, at the presidential museum next to her husband. that service will take place on thursday on what would have been gerald ford's 98th birthday. one digny taert who was not at the funeral today was former president bill clinton. mechanical problems kept the plane carrying mr. clinton grounded in new york. the former president had planned to fly from new york to washington and then fly to california with his wife, secretary of state hillary clinton. the spokesman said the plane never left the ground and mr. clinton was never in any danger. a man says he's come up with a way to stop teens from texting, how it works, next. a dose of fog out there. temperatures even cooler than yesterday and we're going to continue to cool. i'll let you know how cool. pressing a button. it takes a cook. we're kfc and we've got a certified cook in every restaurant
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an oakland women who crashed her suv interest is a san mateo fire station is under arrest today. 36-year-old machina car dona is charged with driving under the influence. she was driving with her teenage daughter. she was pulled unconscious from her suburban and then arrested. her daughter was treated for a minor injury. there were firefighters at the station when the accident happened but none was injured. if you're the parent of a young driver, you've probably worried about your child texting while driving. ktv u sal castanada is here with a new app that allows parents to sdabl their child's phones. >> reporter: with the touch of a bulleten, you can sdabl your teen's foam -- disable your
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teen's phone remotely. businessman sam zimmer said he developed the application because he thought about his own 16-year-old son and the temptation to text and drive. >> he's a good boy, he doesn't drive yet but when he does, he's definitely going to have this on his phone. >> reporter: using gps technology, the app sdabls the -- disables the phone automatically. >> once it travels 10 to 15 miles per hour, it will stop income and out going testing and e-mails. >> reporter: we tried it out ourselves and we were denied until we stopped. the application is primarily designed for teens. chpd officer hechter viza says many tell him it was a minor distraction was the cause of accidents. >> without each texting, they just looked down to check a text
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message and when they looked up, that's the second they're involved that collision. >> reporter: this parent of the preteen says he likes the idea of limiting the temptation to text and drive. >> i'd be up for that. in a few years, i'll probably do it. >> reporter: text stop is officially rolling out tomorrow. it will sell for about $20. it's available for android phones. it will be available for the iphone in a few. you right tlaer texting and driving -- you right remember, texting and driving for teens was trouble some, a woman killed a two-year-old child because she took her eyes off the road to text. fire officials say there were no smoke detecters installed inside a san pablo apartment where a mother and baby were injured. the fire broke out early this morning at the hilltop commons apartment. firefighters rescued the mother and baby from the bedroom.
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the building's sprinkler system put out some of the flames but there were no smoke alarms inside the home. >> the bedroom door was open the entire apartment was full of smoke. in another five minutes, it would have been much different. >> the mother and baby were treated for smoke inhas lags. former quarterback joe montana is expected to make his push for a new luxury hotel. montana and the former team owner are asking the city council for the exclusive rights to bid on a plan to build a luxury hotel, sports bar on tas mind drive but the city manager wants to open up the bidding to everyone. a heat wave is making its way across the country. the heat that's been sweeping the midwest and south is moving to the east coast. extreme heat has already proved dangerous. in illinois one man died on
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sunday due to excessive heat. in oklahoma city, temperatures there have been in the triple digits for almost two weeks now. >> it's almost the exact opposite here. temperatures going down. bill, boy it was dreary today. really chilly today, certainly compared to last week. you know as we look at the heat wave pictures from the midwest, more than any other weather things, lightning, tornadoes, hurricanes, heat kills more people. so when you do those stories, you see the people, they're very dangerous when you get heat like this. for us, it has cooled off. we've got lots of fog and low clouds. in san francisco, out towards oakland, san leandro and heyward, there's still cloud cover. some portion of the bay has cloud cover. out here towards red wood city, you have breakoff but it has just been one of those days, one of those weeks. it continues this week, with a lot of cloud cover and below
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average temperatures. we're not talking about spare the air days or fire danger. fire danger, it's height right now because it's summer but with this type of pattern, the low pressure here spinning, it just pushes the moisture, the cool moist air, the clouds into the inland bay valleys. if you're a firefighter man or woman, north bay, central bay or central california, you're super happy about this pattern because it just settles down the fire danger and air quality. if you're looking for ahead, it's not happening. temperatures will remain on the cool side below average and most likely in your neighborhood in the 60s or low 70s unless you're in the inland bay valleys and we'll get it back in the mid-70s today. tonight at 12:00, we're going to be tracking the fog. this time of year, this is our weather. this is the story. if the fog's there, it's cool. if the fog is not there, it's warm. fire danger down, fog in. when you wake up tomorrow morning, the model basically paints a lot of fog from napa to
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santa rosa, livermore area. looks like peninsula and san jose by tomorrow a.m., you might see a little earlier burnoff. temperatures tomorrow, anticipated to be cool again and further cooling as we roll into your thursday and your -- well, basically into your wednesday and thursday. i'll have the complete forecast, actually give you numbers for your neighborhood back here in a few minutes. the jurors were seated today for a baseball star roger clemens' perjury trial. the former yankee pitcher is accused of lying to congress when he said he never used performance-enhancing drugs. now a jury of ten women and two men will decide whether he's guilty. the jurors include a woman whose cousin was a coach for the boston red sox when clemens played for that team. opening statements are set to begin tomorrow. sarah palin is speaking out. what she says she has no doubt about when it comes to the 2012 presidential election. plus, it is the last space walk of nasa's space shuttle era. what was accomplished in space
4:22 pm
today. and the city of concord has a plan. in just a couple of hours, it will vote on how to stop truants, why parents could find themselves with big bills.
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republican ron paul announced today elretire from congress next year to focus on his presidential campaign. the 75-year-old texan says he'll
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have more credibility if he retires. paul who was a former obstetrician has served 12 terms in congress. sarah palin says she's confident she can win the 2012 presidential election. that's what the former gop vice-presidential candidate told news week magazine in a new interview published online today. palin adds she still isn't sure she'll run. she was recently in pella, iowa for the premiere of the movie "undefeated". this was another historic day in space for the space shuttle atlantis, and the crew of the international space station. today's space walk marked the end of an era. astronauts mike fos om and ron geren did the space walk. the crew has been living on the space station for several months and this was the last time the
4:26 pm
astronauts could look back and see a shultz docked on the station. today campers watched the space walk and shared their hopes and dreams. >> when i grow up, i would like to be an astronaut. >> i would like to probably good to mars but i think a lot of people have already been to the moon. >> what i think is important is studying space because if we didn't study space, how do we know what's up there? >> good point. during the space walk the crew retrieved a failing pump and stored it in the cargo bay for the trip back to earth. could soon cost parents in concord hundreds of dollars if their children are caught cutting class. the concord city council tonight is set to vote on a school day ordinance. children caught breaking the --
4:27 pm
supporters say the curfew is meant to keep children off the streets and to avoid die time crimes involving teenagers. the diabetes society of san jose runs a number of summer camps for children but now, those families may be shut out. that story coming up. it's a ballot box battle over pension reform. why city leaders today exchanged some angry words. i want to crush more cars.
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for hundreds of kids, it was going to be the highlight of their summer vacation, but now, they're out of luck after their summer camps consider abruptly canceled. welcome to a special edition of
4:30 pm
ktvu news so we can bring you the all-star game at five. the families say the cancellations happened virtually without warning and after they had already paid hundreds of clars. >> reporter: the nonprofit diabetes society in san jose has operated summer camps for children for more than 30 years and this video from its website shows the unique atmosphere where diabetic youngsters can play and blood sugar checks and insulin injections are reteens. but the diabetes society closed their doors and canceled the camps. families have no idea what happened. >> i think the families are incredit lsu that this has happened. >> reporter: barry conrad a certified diabetes educator has helped run the camps for the past five years. >> complete shock and the thing
4:31 pm
that upset me the most was they had financial trouble before and if they knew they were not having enough money to run camps, it didn't make sense to recruit a bump of children to come to camp rchl the recourse -- >> the recourse depends on whether the diabetes society wants to do right by the families or reimburse other creditors through the bankruptcy process but the families are unsecured creditors and if there are other secured creditors, they would get in line ahead of the families. >> this is going be the highlight of the kids' summer and they can't go. >> reporter: the law group that's handling the matter for the society says it ak nomgs bankruptcy -- acknowledges bankruptcy is a possible option. we have some developing news, we are just learning that the coast guard search for seven fishermen missing in the waters
4:32 pm
off mexico is now over. the coast guard says there are no plans to send any more flights over the sea of cortez. it's been nine days since the boat sank. about three dozen people survived, many by swimming for hours to remote islands. the boat remains submerged under 220 feet of water. we are trying to contact the families of of the of the -- of the missing fishermen to see if any further search efforts are going to happen. the facebook page they set up says they're thinking of hiring their own dive team to investigate. police say 21-year-old jonathan walker who goes by the name john john is wanted for two murders, including the killing of michael ross. he's also wanted on a $10 million warrant for a san francisco homicide? january. investigators say if you see
4:33 pm
walker do not approach him. they say instead call the police. in the heat of battle over pension reform in san francisco, there are two plans taking center stage, but today a lot of people made it clear, they don't like either of them. david stevenson live in san francisco with what's at stake. >> reporter: debate on the two pension plans spilled out from city hall today on to the city leads. >> we're not ambivalent, we don't like either one of them. >> reporter: san francisco's two competing pension reform plans got the thumbs down from city retires even as the measure's backers geer up for battle this fall. san francisco supervisors evaluated the plan for placement on the november ballot. >> it's much more comprehensive, it involves agreement from 99.9% of all the labor unions. it for the first time contributes, has employees contributing to the health care cost trust fund. >> reporter: getting unions on board with pension reform comes at a cost.
4:34 pm
the police officer's union accepted 5% decrease in layoffs. in exchange, they'll pay 3% into their pension fund. >> nobody likes to give things back, but i think the members get it and they did the right thing. >> reporter: the mayor's proposal is a water-down version of pension reform. >> reporter: san francisco public defender turned in 72,000 signatures to place his measure on the ballot. >> our proposal delivers real reform. there's a $50 million difference in savings. that buys a lot of services. >> he's inviting a lot of litigation in his approach. >> reporter: retired union workers outside city hall say both plans have something in common. >> the amendment and the hell man support amendment will harm public employees. >> reporter: and just about an hour and a half ago, san francisco supervisors amended may lore lee's plan to assure it
4:35 pm
doesn't share overlapping features with jeff adachy's. live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu, channel 2 news. new figures on california's tax revenue points to improvements in the state's economy. the state controller's monthly report says california received $440 million more in tax dollars last month than the governor had anticipated. the report also says corporate and personal income taxes all showed signs of growth. in addition, the state brought in more money than it spent, taking in $95.5 billion and spending $93.8 billion. nearly two dozen san jose firefighters will soon be getting their jobs back thanks to a federal grant. the $15 million safer grant allows the fire department to fill 49 positions that were cut in a controversial brownout plan last august. 22 of the 49 firefighters have accepted their jobs back and are expected to be back on the job
4:36 pm
next month. sage pants may be high fashion in some circle but in one midwestern town they're now a crime. the collinsville, illinois, city council last night voted to ban sagging pants but it is still a hotly debated issue. some people say they're sick of low-hanging pants but the mayor and others say they think the city has better things to do than police people's pants. >> most of the people saying they're getting tired of looking at people's underwear. >> it doesn't give that person the right to criticize and make laws prohibiting it. >> nobody should be offended by it. >> it's just the way people wear their pants, the style with their clothes. >> sage pants offenders risk a $100 fine plus community service. the creator of two of america's best-remembered sitcoms from the 1960s and '70s has died.
4:37 pm
>> the adventures of gilligan. >> sherwood schwartz brought gilligan's island and the bread bunch. he's also known for writing the memorable theme songs for those shows. he died today earlier at the age of 94. amazon has come up with its own sales tax plan. the call to action, the internet shopping giant has for its customers in california. is childhood obesity a parenting problem? the extreme action one expert says in the face of a growing epidemic. it's really delicious, mom.
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get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along. wall street got a bounce from word the federal reserve may take more action to stimulate the lagging economy but at the closing bell the do you jones was -- dow jones was down 51 points. internet retail giant amazon -- amazon is giving california voters a chance to repeal the law. prior to the law, online retailers could sell their goods for about 10% cheaper than brick and mortar businesses simply by avoiding collecting the sales tax. >> i don't really care what a bunch of politicians have to say if the executives of this state would let the voters and
4:41 pm
taxpayers decide they want the vote on the ballot, that's what they should do. >> it's an attempt by another out of state company to avoid paying the sales tax. facebook and time warner today announced they're teaming up in a fight against bullying. the joint effort is called stop bullying, speak up. the two media giants are seeking to raise awareness about bullying. their campaign will target the internet, stwigs, radio and several -- television and several magazines. facebook's effort is a sign of recognition. the state of california is considering giving parents a 30-day grace period to get their middle and high schoolers vaccinated against whooping cough. the extension requires the booster shot for students entering 7th through 12th grades this fall. state senator christine kehoe from san diego offered the bill in response to the low number of
4:42 pm
children who have actually gotten the shot. >> it doesn't matter if they're on summer vacation or they speak another language or they're out of work at the time, they have to get their child immunized. >> california does allow parents to sign a waiver if they do not want their child to get the vaccine. a debate is brewing over whether parents of extremely obese children should lose custody from not protecting their youngsters from the danger of the condition. a commentary in the journal of the american medical association says the government should be able to intervene. opponents argue that obese children are victims of marketing and other outside influences a parent cannot control. secondhand smoke at home could mean children are at higher risk of adhd and other behavioral disorders. researches others looked at thousands of families and found children two lived in homes with
4:43 pm
smokers were more likely to have at least two behavioral or learning disorders. the resderch does not prove that tobacco smoke can harm children's brains but it does show children are especially vulnerable to the effects of secondhand smoke. you might see a lot of these on the road. how much are they? the amazing story ahead. it's cool down, the winds are blowing on the bay, pushing in that cool, moist air. fire danger way down and so are your temperatures. when will it warm up? i'll have the details. i want to crush more cars.
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it's a story you'll see only on 2. with all the bad economic news these days, it's a bret of fresh air to report something positive, promotes energy and independence and helps freshen the air. consumered store tom joins us. >> reporter: take a look, these little upturned wings on airliners help save fuel by reducing wind drag. what if you had something like that for trucks? the driver didn't leave the doors open but this device opens the door to big fuel safrgs. >> the least airo dynamic shape to move down the highway is a big rectangular box. >> physicist taylor smith created the trailer tail that reduces drag. >> the tailor sales can save five to six percent of fueled
4:47 pm
burned of a tractor trailer on the highway. >> i was hesitant at first but i'm converted. >> reporter: trucker john hightower works for new mexico's based mesea transport. depending on miles driven, the $2,000 device can pay for itself in 6 to 24 months. hightower says the streamlining has another benefit. >> we're making the truck as airo dynamic he -- airo dynamic as can be possible. >> reporter: how easy is this to deploy? that easy. >> the key is not only to deliver the fuel savings but to deliver the fuel savings with no hassle to the trucking companies who have to get freight from point a to point b. >> reporter: for the thousand units on the road already, the
4:48 pm
fast growing company manufactures in the usa employing 30 americans right here in south san francisco, california. reporting live consumer editor tom vacar channel 2 news. a coast guard patrol boat hit a pleasure boat in 2009 and an 8-year-old boy was killed. the national transportation safety board today faulted the coast guard vessel's excessive speed along with a lack of oversight. that patrol boat was going as fast as 48 miles an hour. fans of pixar's hit animated film up can live in a real life replica. the only problem is the house is not located anywhere near the creamery, it's actually located in utah. the utah-based home builder just finished building a four-bedroom
4:49 pm
replica of the house. disney gave the builder permission to do so. the house can be yours for $399,000. on to our weather now. the word today seems to be fog and a lot of it. >> last week it was super hot, this week the cooldown, it's continuing into tomorrow. the fog cloud out there deposit something drizzle along ocean beach along the great highway. you know what tomorrow looks like? a lot like this, temperatures tomorrow are going to be foggy -- temperatures are going to be cooler than today in many places and it's going to be foggy. there's your weather in a nutshell. this time of year what the fog means is lower fire danger and that is really important to california. this is our fire season. we're not in the height of fire season but as you know, when we get to 100 degrees inland, this pattern doesn't allow that. this pattern keeps fuel moistures up, keeps moisture in the plants. the fire danger is greatly
4:50 pm
reduced and that's where we are now. air quality is good as well but your temperatures, they are mild to cool. wednesday is no exception. tomorrow, just like today, even the burnoff and i think there will be a little quicker burnoff on the peninsula tomorrow. temperatures in the bay or around the bay, san francisco, upper 50s. oakland low 60s, you get towards lafayette, mid and upper 60s, but what would you expect on the other side i mount diablo this time of year? 93, 93. cool weather, stays in the forecast as this low pressure center creates the environment for the fog to be super prolific. it's pushing it inland, stretching out the marine layer, allowing it to form. in winter, this is rain, in summer it's fog. supposed to have a big high pressure out here most of the time, it's not there. this feature has been lingering the entire season, hence the above-average rainfall,
4:51 pm
above-average snowfall, in some cases below-average temperatures. this week, cooling down as we go towards the end of the week. san jose downtown, big city, a lot of folks downtown, 69 degrees for a daytime high. downtown san jose, that's pretty cool for this time of year. i'd expect san jose to be in the mid-70s easily this time of year. the forecast highs using the map shows that footprint of cool air coming off the bay. the greens are your low 60s, there's the 70s, there's the 80s, where's the 90s? not happening because the cool air infill traits the delta and up to the valley. we will start to warm as we go into the bay area weekend as the fog begins to diminish just a little bit but you get the picture. not a bad deal. it could be a heck of a lot worse but it is chilly out there, half moon bay along the coast, they're getting the drizzle and cool weather. >> it's amazing the difference it makes from the fog rolls in.
4:52 pm
>> changes everything. well, you might call them guardian angels in the outfield. we have new images of the life saving apps of some baseball fans. [ male announcer ] you don't make the world's best chicken
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derby. a fan nearly fell from the stands. he was headed for a potentially deadly landing but his brother and a friend, you see there, grabs him and held on as he dangled over the railing at chase field. these pictures show just how close he came to falling before he was pulled back up over the railing. his near fall came on the same day as the funeral of a man who died after falling over a railing during an oakland a's-texas rangers game. >> and that fall would have been 10 feet further than the one in texas. >> you forget sort of the dangers when you -- >> it's a ball. >> when you go to the games, you see these fans, they risk life and limb to get a ball. pretty wild but the game itself must go on. you'll be seeing it here right on channel 2 coming up in a few minutes. the all-star game, and the giants as we have mentioned very well represented but can you imagine kind of odds you could have gotten that ryan vogelsong would have been one of the five
4:56 pm
giant representives? he wasn't even on the team opening day but since getting the ball and filling in for barry zito, 6-1 record, 2.71 e.r.a. and joe fonzi recently asked him was it a dream come true to make the all star team? >> i never dreamed of an all-star game ever. i never had numbers or been anywhere close to being able to experience something like this, and yeah, you know, in triple a i wasn't even in -- in fresno my thoughts weren't even to get to a major league roster, just have a good season. >> one of the great stories, ryan vogelsong, as deserving as any. he's been a remarkable story for the giants and for baseball to be able to come back and do what he's done, not just as well as on his own you -- pitch on his own but dominate. >> you know what's funny, i was telling somebody today that i don't really think it has set in
4:57 pm
yet. it has but it hasn't and when i walk into the clubhouse and see all those guys, it will set in then. what a day at the tour de france. nobody got busted for for doping, no accidents along the road and great weather as you can see as well. andray greipel by germany by the slimmest of margins, you watch him win the length of a wheel over mark cavendish of britain. it is an gray greipel with his first victory and thomas voekler of france still wearing the yellow jersey. that's the sporting life. all-star game coming up. okay, that is what is next. the 2011 all-star game in phoenix. we'll see you back here for the 10:00 news. enjoy the game.
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